The seven lakes of San Pablo

The week had been so exhausting but my weekend was left unfilled. So although I was a bit exhausted and stayed up quite late, I made sure I had a plan in mind about where I would spend my weekend. Since the week before that I visited Balite Falls in Cavite, I decided to tour around … Continue reading The seven lakes of San Pablo


Potipot Island: The Camper’s Getaway

Location: Brgy. Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales Visited on: April 22, 2017   Disclaimer: We rode a private vehicle on the way to Candelaria, but had to commute on our way back home since most from the group opted to stay overnight.   Backgrounder Early this April, when the summer heat has started crawling around the corner, … Continue reading Potipot Island: The Camper’s Getaway

Fortune Island: With a series of unfortunate events

Summer has arrived, and to quench our thirst for cool and refreshing views, my friends, who were celebrating their anniversary at work, asked me to plan for a trip to Fortune Island. The wanderlust in me sparkled like the saltwater in the ocean, especially since this place has been in my bucket list for a … Continue reading Fortune Island: With a series of unfortunate events