Talisayen Cove: A hidden paradise in Zambales

Disclaimer: Itinerary and breakdown of expenses unavailable Zambales is a home for many beautiful beaches and islands that boasts of white sands. It is also bordered by mountain ranges, giving a perfect scene to look at. In the midst of thesis proposal requirements, my cousin invited me, along with my other cousin, to join her … Continue reading Talisayen Cove: A hidden paradise in Zambales


Baguio City: A second home

Baguio City, a busy place up north of the Philippines, is a popular destination among Filipinos and foreigners especially during the summer season. The city boasts of its chilly air while everywhere else in the Philippines feels like a cauldron full of hot lava. Due to its altitude, Baguio City will not only give you … Continue reading Baguio City: A second home