Panay Adventures Part 3: Seafood Tripping in Aklan and Capiz

Situated at the western part of Visayas are six provinces showcasing different landscapes that will leave a traveler in awe. On the 18th of January, I chose to roam around Region VI: The Western Visayas, also known as Panay.

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This post focuses on Aklan, the home of the world famous Boracay Island, and Capiz, the seafood haven in Panay.


Kalibo, Aklan
Geography and Accessibility
Aklan is situated on the upper left part of the Panay region. Daily flights from Manila arrive at Kalibo, especially since it is one gateway  to the beautiful island of Boracay.
On the right side of Aklan lies another seemingly sleeping province, Capiz.

Roaming around Aklan
After the first and second parts of the Panay adventure, we considered the fifth day as our rest day since four other friends would arrive, and of course, the daily trips were quite tiring.
We slept mostly through the day, but I went to buy some food and medicine for my friend who turned out to be sick due to the previous day’s rains.
Kalibo is a busy town but the traffic is light. Gaisano Mall and City Mall is within the municipality.

It was late at night when our other friends arrived. We slept quite late but everyone was eager to start our adventure.

Primary mode of transportation: Tricycles that resembles a jeepney.


Before we head to Boracay, we first had our river tubing in Antique. From Pandan, Antique’s highway, we waited for a bus to Caticlan, but we needed to move someplace to a crossing where we were able to catch a bus from Kalibo to Caticlan for 50php.

We alighted at the Caticlan Jetty Port, bought ferry tickets for 50php each (opt for the 25php speedboats instead), paid the environmental fee (75php) and the terminal fee (100php) before boarding the boat to Boracay.



Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

It was only about 10 minutes away from Caticlan to Boracay, where we rode an electronic jeepney to take us to Station 1 for 30php per head.

When nighttime came, we walked along the shore of Boracay, watched the fire dancers, and looked for guides who offer island hopping tours.


The following day, I woke up early to visit the shore where the low tide made way for the sandbar.


My friends availed a Helmet Diving session for 400php per person, so we waited for them before we started the island hopping tour. However, at about 10 in the morning when they have arrived, we were told that the currents on the other side were quite wild that day so the guide offered us to try the banana boat instead, which costs only 300php per person.
It was an exhilarating ride but our eyes were hurt while our  mouths were filled  with salt water due  to the big waves creating showers for us. It was one of the best 20minutes of my  trip!
Afterwards, we sought for shelter under the shade of the trees. The white sands were warm even if the sun was shining high above us.


We rode a tricycle (12.5 php each) to D’Talipapa where we brought fresh parrotfish, shrimps, and oysters. We then went straight to the palutuan restaurants who turned the fresh seafood into scrumptious meals for us, although the seafood here is quite a bit costly.

In the afternoon, we went back to Station 1 where some of us tried paddle boating for 300php per hour. It gave me a sense of independence and strength, and I loved it so much!
Tiring was the day so my friend and I decided to go back to our rooms, clean up, and take our nap.
We left our rooms only to take our dinner and look for pasalubong at D’Mall.


Primary mode of transportation: tricycles and e-tricycles that resembles a jeepney and could fit 5-7 passengers


Geography and Accessibility
Capiz is a province at the upper right part of the Panay Region. It is known to be the seafood capital of the Philippines.
From our accommodation, we rode a tricycle back to the jetty port for 30php each. We then paid 100php terminal fee and bought a 250php service trip from Boracay to Kalibo via boat and van.
The Caticlan to Kalibo route took about two hours, and from the City Mall in Kalibo, we rode another van to Capiz. It was roughly a two-hour ride and paid 150php for the trip.
Upon arrival at the Roxas City Terminal, we rode a tricycle to Baybay Beach for 50php per person. One tricycle can only accommodate three people, so we  hailed  two (but tricycle drivers would continually bombard you for there are no lines).


At Baybay Beach, we ordered Kilo-Kilo, crabs, squids, and scallops which the restaurant cooked for us. Seafood in Capiz are less pricey,  but my friends favor the seafood in Boracay.

After lunch, we went to Gaisano Mall and bought pasalubong at Bong Bong’s before heading off to the airport.

Despite the uncertain weather, my friend and I were lucky to be seated at the left side where we witnessed the sun setting on the sea of clouds.



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