Cagayan: Adventures through Pamplona River

After our Ilocos tour, we arrived about 3 hours later in Pamplona, Cagayan, the hometown of my office friend who invited us over. We feasted upon large shrimps and crabs as well as native poultry, before we prepared for a good day’s slumber.

The following day, we prepared for a trip to the friend’s family farmlands a few kilometers away from their home. We traveled by van to the river bed where a thin but long boat was waiting to welcome 20 or so passengers.



It was perhaps a thirty minute boat ride before we reached their farmland. The river’s water was utterly clear except when we were on the deep parts. The sky was a good shade of blue but the sun barely shone upon us.

When we arrived, the family prepared for the feast of food they’ve cooked. It was also Pamplona’s patron saint’s day that Sunday. Music was playing and people were singing along with the merry banter of stories. It was very simple, but it was highly relaxing.


After our late lunch, we decided to visit the Malagavavi, the pig-shaped mountain, along the Pamplona River. The water was very cool and clean except for the leaves that float upon the surface and those that decorate the floor. We trekked our way up to the 4th of the 20+ waterbeds of Malagavavi.


The rocks were very slippery, but heck, we survived!


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