Punta de Fabian: Escaping Manila

Location: Baras, Rizal

Visited on: April 9, 2017


My cousins backed out a few days prior to our supposed weekend trip, so I invited a few of my friends to join me and swim at the recently being talked about infinity pool in Punta de Fabian Resort. I was able to gather a group of five but this number dwindled down to four a day before, and was left to three when the day came because our other friend got sick. With two companions, we lined up at Starmall Shaw terminal to ride an FX to Tanay, Rizal. The commute was fairly easy, just make sure to tell the driver to drop you off at Punta de Fabian, or else, the vehicle might not pass through Baras. We paid 70php for our two-hour trip and were dropped of just outside the resort.


The Resort

Upon entry, the guard required us to leave one valid ID and reminded us to show him our receipt before we left. We hiked up the steep paved road to the resort proper. Unlike before, no shuttle service up and down the place is provided.


Still, the view was stunning. Rice fields fill up the place in front of the resort.


Our tired legs were excited to be submerged within the cool waters, though, so we paid for the 300php entrance fee then changed to our swimwear and threaded our way to the infinity pool.

The place is not too big but has two swimming pools and big rooms for those who plan to stay overnight. Although it was a Saturday, not much people visited the place, which I found quite a bit odd because I read the place has been too crowded a few weeks prior.

The sun was not too energetic that day, which made our swim more relaxing. Other then being in the waters for too long a time, I felt absolutely void of any other thoughts but the beautiful view.

As per lunch, there is a restaurant within the resort that costs about 250-350 good for two. The service was a bit slow, however, so it’d be best to ask them to prepare your lunch earlier. Before nighttime, we had our fill of our summer swim needs and packed up before we went on our way to the downward slopes of Punta de Fabian. We showed our receipt and claimed my ID, then waited for a jeepney that could take us back to Shaw Boulevard.


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Basic expenses:

070- UV express fare from Shaw Boulevard to Baras

300- Entrance Fee

200- Food

056- Jeepney fade to Shaw Boulevard



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