Fortune Island: With a series of unfortunate events

Summer has arrived, and to quench our thirst for cool and refreshing views, my friends, who were celebrating their anniversary at work, asked me to plan for a trip to Fortune Island. The wanderlust in me sparkled like the saltwater in the ocean, especially since this place has been in my bucket list for a few months already!

Fortune Island, located in Nasugbu, Batangas, is filled with Grecian architecture including the pillars and sculptures of ancient gods and mythical creatures of Greek Mythology.



Brief history

The island was previously owned by the former Batangas Governor Jose Antonio Leviste [1]. It was built in 1995 as a luxury resort, but due to lack of fresh water source, the place was shut down in 2006 [2].

As a misnomer, the island is name as such after the number of ships which sank off on the island [1]. To date, the shipwrecks ad up to the beauty of the place.


On the way to the island

The seawater embracing the beach by the main land is not enticing at all. However, the hour’s worth of boat ride to the island will keep the visitors mesmerized by the majestic blue waters around. To me, the waters look like Gatorade’s Blue Bolt.


The beauty of the clean waters were somehow stained by the floating garbage one might find as the passenger boats draw nearer to the island. Still, once the visitors arrive at the island, the white sand beach would excite you to explore the place.



The island

The waters are undoubtedly clear, but there are rocks and corals near the beach itself (please be careful not to step on the corals!). Thus, one would enjoy snorkeling to see the little fishes under the water.

Since the sun was high above us, we tried to seek shelter under the rock near the beach. We thought it was heaven under the sun, but later on, we experienced the strong waves so we decided to move some place else.


After having our lunch, we opted to explore the island by trekking the acropolis. It was a few minutes worth of trek, and up above, you will be stunned by the 180 degree view of the island.

Sadly, the pillars and the statues at the acropolis are already highly damaged.

At the acropolis, the breeze was really cool, but the only shade you’ll find would be behind the pillars.

View more photos at: Travel and Thought’s Facebook Page.


Here’s how to get there
Via private car: Drive via Cavitex until you arrive at Governor’s Road, then drive to Nasugbu, Batangas. At C. Alvares St., you will see Jollibee. There, you may continue driving until Apacible Blvd. Drive straight until you find Fortune Island Beach Resort.

Fortune Island via car.PNG
You may also view the itinerary via private car at:

Via commute: From Baclaran or Buendia Bus Stations, ride a BSC or DLTB bus bound for Nasugbu. Alight the bus in Nasugbu Bus Station. Ride a tricycle to Fortune Island Resort

Fortune Island via commute.PNG
ou may also view the itinerary via commute at:


Good to note:

  1. There are no proper shade at the island, so it would be best to bring your own umbrellas to make your DIY shelter during your stay.
  2. Still no source of fresh water, but no worries! The resort sells about 6 gallons of water for just 50php.
  3. No restrooms available within the island, but visitors could wash up at the resort by the mainland.

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