Pinto Art Museum: The art and earth haven

Just an hour or two awayfrom Manila, indulge yourself into the world of artistry and nature.

Situated at the Grand Heights Subdivision, San Roque, Antipolo City, the Pinto Art Museum is a haven of arts and crafts by several brilliant artists. The Greek-inspire landscape of the place will give its visitors a sense of awe and wonder for its four distinct characteristics: the various art and creative expressions, the scenic landscapes and the Grecian exterior, the hallway and stairs-filled interior, and the scrumptious food.




My friend and I travelled to this place from Pasig City via the Pasig Palengke (Pasig Public Market) – Junction Cainta – Ynares Antipolo – Pinto Art Museum route.

From Pasig Palengke, we rode a jeepney to Junction which costed 20php per person, but I’m guessing the jeepney driver forgot to give us our change. Upon alighting at Junction Cainta, we rode another jeep to Antipolo City and alighted at the Ynares Sports Center. From there, tricycles are available to take the visitors to the museum for 40php per way. My friend and I believe that this has been a fixed fare which the tricycle drivers agreed upon, because back to the sports center from the museum also costed that much, even if it was a truly short drive. Somehow, this is reasonable because the museum is situated within a subdivision.

Alternately, people from Quezon City, Manila, Mandaluyong, etc, could opt to take a UV Express ride from Cubao to Antipolo City, then alight at the Ynares Sports Center. Another alternate route could be riding the LRT2 and alighting at the Santolan Station where one could ride a jeepney to Antipolo, then hail a tricycle from Ynares Sports Center to Pinto Art Museum.

The way home entails a tricycle ride back to Ynares Sports Center, then a UV Express or Jeepney ride to SM Megamall and/or Starmall Shaw. These vehicles would pass by Sumulong Highway then through Pasig City via Sta. Lucia and Rosario, then through Ortigas Ave. Extension until they arrive at their destination.




The place is semi-crowded especially on weekends since it has become a very popular destination. The entrance fee is 200php per adult, while student discount is also available but I have read that a letter that expounds why a student is visiting the place is mandated. I am not sure, however, if that is applicable only to those who would visit as a group.

The whole place, composed of separate bungalows or two-story houses, is not air-conditioned. Still, there is no need to worry since it is not hot in there.




Pinto Art Museum boasts of the majestic art works it exhibits. There are a lot of paintings whose stories are very much deep and interesting. There are also sculptures made with utter details.

Moreover, installations made from the creativity of a few artists may leave one in awe. There are also mixed media art works that could perhaps portray the post-modern era of art.



My favorite exhibit is Antonio Catral Leano’s Forest installation. I was quite bewitched by the magical beauty within the installation.



The houses within the vicinity are white-washed. Other details are mostly in a shade of gray. This houses would remind one of the BLANK place in Greece where all the houses are built and painted in white. This leaves a clean and refreshing look for the whole place.




The vicinity is also filled with nature’s green abundance. Trees are bountiful, while grasses and fountains enhance the place’ serene and calm atmosphere.



I’ll say the place is truly a refreshing haven, but do not be fooled because the place is filled with stairs – many a number of stairs. Some are only a few steps, some are made of many steps which I could compare to UP Baguio’s abortion stairs. So, prepare your feet to minimize soreness. Make sure to visit the place wearing a most comfortable footwear for a 4 to 5-hour walking and standing.


If you are visiting the place, make sure you could allow your wallet to cry a bit so that your stomach would be more than satisfied.


There is only one café server inside the Pinto Art vicinity – the Pinto Café by Peppermill. There are three areas for the café, all of which serve the same menu.

A bowl of pasta costs around 300 to 500, while pizzas are sold at the same price range. Rice meals costs more than 400 per plate, but most of the food are meant for sharing. Drinks like cocktails,, are also available.

Seriously, though, the food is worth the price! We even asked the crew if they have a branch outside the gallery, and they mentioned one at the Katipunan area. I’m not a foodie, but there, I’ve had the best-tasting carbonara!


Other than its proximity to Metro Manila, these are a few reasons why you should reserve a day to visit the museum.



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