Talisayen Cove: A hidden paradise in Zambales

Disclaimer: Itinerary and breakdown of expenses unavailable

Zambales is a home for many beautiful beaches and islands that boasts of white sands. It is also bordered by mountain ranges, giving a perfect scene to look at.

In the midst of thesis proposal requirements, my cousin invited me, along with my other cousin, to join her family’s Zambales trip. We rode a UV express past 12 in the midnight and arrived at the public market in Zambales as the sun was rising. We were told that the place has no communication signal, thus, I bid a temporary farewell to my mother.

From the public market, we continued our trip up to the end of the road then walked through the residential area in order to reach the coast. Even in that crowded bay, the waters are undeniable clear, if not a brilliant shade of blue. Up until this time, I had no idea what place we will be in.



We rode a boat for about an hour and traversed the magnificently clear waters. I noticed that the bluer the water seemed to look, the deeper its reach is. For some time, we stopped over a rocky isle which I heard was called the Capones Island. The place is known among visitors who’d like to have a short hike. I’ve also heard a local story about a mansion atop the mountain in Capones which is said to be haunted. Since we would not be staying in the island, we once again hopped into our boat and continued our trip to the Talisayen Cove (only by this time did I know where we were heading).

Panorama 1.jpg

Panorama 2.jpg

Panorama 3.jpg

True enough, upon reaching the island, we had no phone signal. The island was a little uphill but the sand is definitely fine and white. Every step I took, my feet went deep into the sand. We all wanted to run back into the clear waters to have our first dip. However, the trip exhausted us so we were told to take our breakfast first. After eating, we all felt a little tired so we looked for places to sleep in. My cousin and I fell into a short nap on the soft sand. We used only a few of our clothing so that we won’t be covered by too many sand particles. There was also a hammock but our cousin’s cousin was the first to reach that place. Some of our companions slept under the many different huts within the vicinity.


Clear Blue Waters.jpg

Sunset by the bay.jpg

Beautiful See.jpg

Upon waking up, the oldies (my uncle, my aunt, and my aunt’s relatives) were already preparing for our lunch. We were told to have lunch first because the sun’s rays were too hot and bad for the skin. To be honest, in the island where there is no phone or internet connection, all that can be done are eat, sleep, and swim, and that was really quite refreshing. It reminded me to take a break from the complicated world. We pitched our tents in the sand so that we can leave our bags inside. It was in the afternoon when we started to run into the sea.


The beautiful sand was quite hot in the feet but the water was utterly refreshing. We stayed in the water until before the sun set, only because we saw a stingray near us even if we were just along the coast.


Fine white sand.jpg

After dinner, we found out that there were only two groups of guests in the island. It meant that we almost had the island to ourselves. The owners and caretakers of the island built a beautiful bonfire for us. We warmed ourselves with the view of the flare until we were tired enough to retire to sleep.



Upon waking in the morning, the air, although not chill, was slightly inviting. I felt like I’ve had the best sleep after many-a-number of years! We had our morning swim prior to our breakfast, and afterwards, we had a tour at the backyard, were fruits and flowers were in bloom. We also tried to charge our phones using solar energy. The owners have an equipment that generates electrical energy through the sun’s heat.


Green and brown.jpg



Fruits 2.jpg

We had to leave the place after lunch because the trip from Zambales to Manila might be quite long especially since we might be caught in traffic. But all in all, Talisayen Cove is a wonderful haven that can give its visitor a refreshing break from the city.



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