Singapore: Exploring the Lion City

Visited on: June 2015

Disclaimer: Recommended itinerary available as of March 2017

The Arrival

As I’ve mentioned in the short trip to Malaysia, my friends and I continued our journey to Singapore. We rode a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Woodlands, Singapore (near the border of the two countries), for approximately 500 php.

The bus ride took about 5-6 hours but the seats were absolutely comfortable. It was around 4am when the bus driver woke us up and told us that we were already by the immigration.

Still groggy from the incomplete sleep and inexperienced about immigration, I was highly terrified when we were set aside and brought to a room where a lot of migrants were waiting. We were still very sleep so while waiting for our turn, we tried to catch some sleep.

Singapore’s immigration is quite strict; they asked us about where we will be staying and when we will be leaving, and also inquired about how much we have in our pockets. After perhaps an hour in the immigration, we were released. But we still had to wait for my friend’s mother who lives there. Too sleepy were we that we dozed off at the waiting area.

Tita Romela and Ate Isis, my friend’s mother and sister respectively, arrived about 5 in the morning. They helped us board the bus that took us to their place in Woodlands. There, they readily let us sleep.

Day 1: Universal Studios

Before lunch, the three of us woke up and Tita Romela invited us to go to Universal Studios. Our tired bodies were readily energized with the magical words.

We arrived at the place before lunch and there is no doubt every heart will feel happy within the borders of the place. We paid approximately 60SGD for our day-trip ticket. Universal Studios has seven sub-parts to date, Hollywood being the place that would dazzle you once you arrive inside.


My most favorite attraction was Lights, Camera, Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg located at the New York side of Universal Studios. It is a 5D attraction, so better bring extra clothes or poncho to keep yourself dry.

We had our lunch of Singapore’s Hainanese Chicken Rice at The Lost World’s Discovery Food Court for 12SGD. Quite expensive, but the food tastes great!


We spent the rest of the day roaming around Universal Studios and visiting the different attractions. By around 8 in the evening, we watched the fireworks as they danced upon the night sky.


Day 2: Home-based

Here, I might have to apologize because we spent the day working on our remaining requirement: a research paper. We weren’t able to finish it since we focused on the conference in Malaysia and left before the semester ended.

However, we were very absolutely happy to try the food from Singapore hawkers (food places) that did not just filled our stomach but also exceeded our food cravings.


The fried rice (6SGD) at the hawker was definitely satisfying, and we loved the lemon iced tea above all  (3SGD).

Noelle’s Steaks were absolutely delicious, too, and they’re not very pricey at all!

Day 3: Marina Bay Sands

The next day, finally free from academic load, we spent the day by the Marina Bay Sands. Well, Marina Bay Sands is the most spectacular (and expensive, I think) hotel in Singapore. It boasts an infinity pool at the roof deck and a sky park as well.


We did not stay at Marina Bay Sands, rather, we walked in the parks near the aforementioned place. There were beautiful attractions in the place particularly the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. My friends and I, eager to save some money, opted to walk around the Children’s Garden and watch the Garden Rhapsody at night.


Day 4: Chinatown

On our fourth day, we decided to go to Chinatown to buy pasalubong for our departure the following day. While at Chinatown, we visited the Sri Mariamman Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, and the Singapore City Gallery. These places are open to the public for free, but visitors must wear proper attires especially when entering the temples.

That night, we had our lunch at Causeway Mall and I’ve tasted my favorite Singapore dish so far: the Mala.


Day 5: Goodbye, Merli!

On our last day, we went to the Merlion Park because a Singapore trip would not be complete without saying hello to the Merlion!


We concluded the day with a Jollibee dinner at Orchard Road, but as a note, the food there tastes different! We had a brief stay by the week was worth it!



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