Malaysia: A short and sweet trip

Visited on: May 2015

One of the highlights of my undergraduate years was the trip to Malaysia. As an undergraduate researcher, I was graced to be a part of the 4th South East Asia Research Conference on Communication and Humanities held on the 27th-29th of May, 2015 along with my peers. This gave me the chance to set foot to Malaysia (cue in “Truly Asia“).

For about 2500 php, my peers and I were able to book an airfare ticket to Kuala Lumpur. However, since we planned to continue our trip to Singapore, we did not book a flight from KL back to Manila.

Upon entering the country, we were welcomed by the green grass surrounding the airport. We found our way in the streets of Kuala Lumpur via their taxis available at the parking lot of the airport. The streets from the airport to the city proper were long. We were awed by the bright orange sunset in the clear sky.

We arrived at the Sun View Hotel a little after dark. Sun View Hotel was located quite near to the Sun View Mall. The staff were very accommodating despite having such a big group of guests like us (I think there were about 25 of us). The hotel offers low rates (we paid around 350MYR for two nights, and we shared it among the three of us) but the rooms are very comfortable (they offer Wifi connection, a cable TV, and a clean bathroom). The hotel room assigned to us overlooked the busy streets of KL in the distance, and the underpopulated streets surrounding the hotel itself. As we wanted to have our dinner, my roommates and I went down to the lobby and there, we were invited by two other peers to visit KL’s night market.

We walked about two blocks to the night market. There were unfamiliar food around us but we tried their grilled meat and their thin pancake-like delicacy. It was fun looking around. Some of the local even conversed with us and said a few Filipino words upon knowing our nationality.

Night Market.jpg

On our way back, we dropped by 7 11 to buy food for our breakfast. There was also a McDonald’s fast food branch around the block. My friends and I stayed at our room and had our dinner there, and then we went to bed since the conference was set to begin at an early time the next day.

The following day, we rode a taxi from our hotel to Taylor’s University. We caught a glimpse of this institution on our way from the airport to the hotel. We paid about 20MYR for our taxi fare, shared by 5 people.Taylor's University 6

Taylor’s University is a lakeside campus so the breeze around us was cool. There were also local shops within the university such as Starbucks and 7 11. The university is, without a doubt, beautiful. There were cafeterias within. The rooms were air-conditioned and they had elevators that operated properly. From their small but comfortable auditorium, we were led to smaller rooms to listen to the research presentations.

Taylor's University.jpg

After lunch, my friends and I decided to leave to explore Kuala Lumpur since we wanted to go to Singapore the following day. Sadly, we only had our lunch and then we decided to sleep in our hotel room (yes, the sun was hot in the KL streets that summer). By nighttime, our other friends invited us to dine outside, so we went to the Sun View Mall.

Sun View Mall2.jpg

The mall boasted of an Egyptian-inspired interior and exterior. A huge golden lion greeted its visitors outside, along with some pyramid-looking structures. Inside was a golden pharaoh and columns with Egyptian details.

We opted to have Japanese food. Their servings were good and we were able to find their location in Manila, but we forgot the name of the restaurant. When we asked for water, we were given hot water and were charged 10MYR each, and we found this quite weird.


Before we went back to our hotel room to prepare for our presentation for the following day, we visited a local store to buy Milo Dinosaur, a bag of ice cold Milo chocolate for just 3MYR. At about midnight, after finishing our presentation, we all retired to bed.

Early in the morning, the taxi which should’ve taken us to Taylor’s University brought us to Taylor’s College, so we needed to ride another taxi to take us there. Luckily, we were not late for our presentation. Also, the other presenters there were awed upon knowing that we were still undergraduate students. We were able to pull of our presentation well.

After munching on the buffet lunch served in the conference, we went back to our hotel to pack our things and travel to Singapore. We took another taxi to the train station, and it was nice to see how organized and how clean KL’s train system was. We were able to ride comfortably to the bus station which will take us to Singapore. Even their train and bus stations looked like malls.


We barely had time to truly explore Malaysia, but the trip was undeniably a sweet memory for us.



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